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George Stevenson - Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning, and Online Coach

"Specificity, Strategies, and Solutions for your individual needs"





My name is George Stevenson. I am a fitness and health enthusiast who graduated from St. Lawrence College with a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion in 2014. I’ve had a passion for fitness and health for 12 years and have had the opportunity to train strength, sport, athletics, and even bodybuilding. I will be providing online coaching, and 1-on-1 personal training options in my private gym. My services will provide a scientific approach to macronutrient coaching, nutritional strategies and weight management, strength and conditioning tailored to your specific sport/profession (whether you're in season or out of season) or need general fitness for your career. Lastly, I focus on body composition changes for weddings, beach season, bodybuilding, or just general lifestyle changes. I'm seeking committed individuals who are looking to make lifestyle changes or just want to improve/ optimize their quality of life. I will be offering free in person consultations/ interviews.


commit to your fitness and health

Training sessions as well as exercise selection will be appropriately structured around your current fitness level and personal safety. As we slowly introduce movements, build your structural integrity as well as confidence, we can start working towards realistic attainable fitness and health goals. My goal is to educate sustainability and long-term fitness and health adherence strategies for your future success. Prices vary based on commitments, and payments also vary. Email me to set up your free in person consultation!



"I lost 70lbs in 10 months and also built the confidence to compete on a bodybuilding stage. I now have the ability to manage my own nutrition and training regime!"


October 3, 2022

"My goal was to improve my body composition while maintaining my competitive powerlifting numbers. I ended up losing 50lbs eating the foods i loved while holding my numbers!"


January 7, 2022

"I am a full-time massage therapist that has a lot of physically demanding hobbies such as horse training and hockey. I needed more trunk stability and general lower body strength to handle the large amounts of demand. After seeing George for 6 months my work capacity has increased as well as my lower body coordination and strength"


March 10, 2022

" I was not into sports or any sort of strength culture when I was younger, and I know the benefits of short term also long-term weight training. It was a matter of finding someone non judgmental and has the resume to give scientific based explanation that was understandable. Working with George I have put on solid muscle, and strength I never thought I could achieve within a short period of time. Im ready for longer term commitment to see what we can do!" 


November 18, 2022


George STevenson

Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, and Online Coach

6 Fairlane drive, Smiths Falls, ON

K7A 4S5

Tel: 1-613-876-3944

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